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We are taking action for ocean health

Commercial fishing, pollution and climate change are devastating UK seas. Reef trust commits to restoring habitats, creating new reefs and establishing protected areas so ecosystems can flourish.


Oceans and reefs that thrive and support a rich biodiversity of wildlife.


Nationwide coastal restoration through education, project coordination and partnership collaboration to make our ocean more resilient to change. Educate, Coordinate, Collaborate.

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To lead a nationwide movement of change with a community of scientists, conservationists and enthusiasts, establishing safe zones and restoring critically important coastal habitats by 2025. Connect, Protect, Restore.

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The deep blue covers 71% of planet earth and provides 70% of the oxygen we breath. This vast expanse of water is the world’s largest carbon sink and regulates our global climate.

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We are taking a Christmas break

December is finally here, we are taking time to step back and reflect on the rather bumpy year that has unfolded. These times have proved challenging time for many… People, businesses and charities alike. Yet amongst these difficult times, it is clear that there has never been a more vital time to take action for…

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A sea of PPE… What is the future of plastic pollution?

53 millions masks are sent to waste each day in the UK. The question is, how many end up elsewhere? A clean up appeal undertaken by MCS found 1/3 of beaches littered by face masks and gloves… So what happens when masks don’t make it to the bin? Face-masks are made up of a cotton…

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Illegal fishing in Southampton waters

Illegal net fishers face fines for several charges within nursery area of Southampton waters. Rules and regulations exist within the industry of fishing to protect fish stocks, manage environmental degradation and ensure a stable food supply remains for future generations. Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) encourage and enforce compliance with local policies around…

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