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We are taking action for ocean health

Commercial fishing, pollution and climate change are devastating UK seas. Reef trust commits to restoring habitats, creating new reefs and establishing protected areas so ecosystems can flourish.


Oceans and reefs that thrive and support a rich biodiversity of wildlife.


Nationwide coastal restoration through education, project coordination and partnership collaboration to make our ocean more resilient to change. Educate, Coordinate, Collaborate.

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To lead a nationwide movement of change with a community of scientists, conservationists and enthusiasts, establishing safe zones and restoring critically important coastal habitats by 2025. Connect, Protect, Restore.

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The deep blue covers 71% of planet earth and provides 70% of the oxygen we breath. This vast expanse of water is the world’s largest carbon sink and regulates our global climate.

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Latest News

FSO Nabarima: the oil tanker in distress

International concern of a stranded oil tanker has grown after months of talk about the risk of spilling. The Venezuelan oil tanker FSO Nabarima has caused an uprise of environmentalists, activists and those concerned for the marine environment. A social media campaign set out by the non-profit organisation Fishermen and Friends of the sea urged…

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Good news for English seas

One step ahead in protecting the ocean and marine life. Thursday 1 October 2020 saw the ban of plastic straws, stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds. This new enforcement aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste reaching, and thus harming the marine environment. Why is this a big step? Approximately 5,000 items of marine plastic…

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Arctic sea ice shrinks to record levels

Space scientists have warned that 2020 Artic ice has shrunk 958,000 square miles below 1981-2010 average. The Arctic The Artic region reaches the most northern part of our planet. Home to huge stretches of cold tundra, temperatures oscillate between a numbing -43°C – +13°C. The boundary stretches south to encompass parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland,…

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