About the Reef Trust

Who we are

Reef Trust founded in 2020 by Michael Byrne with the support of trustees, volunteers and enthusiastic staff, is a charitable organization committed to restoring and protecting coastal waters around the UK and coordinating conservation efforts worldwide. We believe that the key to securing a sustainable future lies within our relationship to the ocean.

What we do

We’re taking action to reconnect our nation to the sea. We all depend upon the functioning of our ocean to eat, breathe and survive. By discovering ways to conserve key habitats and wildlife, we help towards a future where our oceans flourish for the benefit of our planet and own economic, social and cultural needs. Reef Trust is taking a stand for our oceans and we need support from individuals and companies like you.

Latest News

Arctic sea ice shrinks to record levels

Space scientists have warned that 2020 Artic ice has shrunk 958,000 square miles below 1981-2010 average. The Arctic The Artic region reaches the most northern part of our planet. Home to huge stretches of cold tundra, temperatures oscillate between a numbing -43°C – +13°C. The boundary stretches south to encompass parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland,…

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How to help the ocean (at home)

Have you ever wondered how you can positively impact the ocean? Beaches swamped with plastic and news of serious oil spills can leave us all questioning what we can do. It is time to be empowered and know that there are ways to help, even from the comfort of our homes! Reflecting on the way…

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Dolphins in the Solent – ‘a spectacular sight’

The Isle of Wight and surrounding areas heard multiple reports of dolphins last week. Locals enjoyed watching the friendly pod, swimming playfully near the Needles, a stunning and iconic landmark.  Dolphin sightings Britain’s waters have seen around 30 different species of whales and dolphins. From the heartwarming harbour porpoise to outstanding orcas. Some species of cetacean…

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