Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne age 50 plus, father of an amazing sea loving daughter, and Founder of Reef Trust. Mike is a keen conservationist, sea swimmer, body boarder, fisherman, boat owner and a full time building Surveyor. As someone who has witnessed our coastlines change over the years, kelp and large weed beds destroyed, Mike wanted to do something about it. His mission is to help to replenish habitats and marine life across the UK.

For Mike this has been the culmination of a ten year project and has resulted in Mike selling his house in 2019 and just about to sell his Private Number Plate stock 2020/21 to fund this organisation, along with friends support.

When Mike was growing up and swimming in the harbours and sea, snorkelling in water that was full of kelp, sea life and in the summer, crystal clear water, Michael remembers life in abundance and today the change couldn’t be more obvious.

The kelp and large weed beds are destroyed, fish are no longer in abundance and even the seals have almost gone. Commercial fishing and dredging has destroyed the sea bed, along with nursery areas and it’s almost a desert when snorkeling now, “I used to see lots of types of ray and flat fish, lobsters and crabs in the kelp and weed beds, but it’s all but gone now”. “Mussels and oysters were abundant and again commercial fishing has destroyed these”. It’s time to learn how to live with and enjoy the sea, take what you intend to eat only and help replenish habits and marine life, joining together, be you rod and line fisherman or woman, swimmers, divers, boaters, jet skiers, sailors, marine conservationists, forces or civilian and support our sea and oceans. It’s time to make a stand and a difference and every little helps.

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