Marine conservation projects taking place in the UK

As a new charity we want to maximise communication and awareness between all marine conservation projects taking place in the UK. Here are some campaigns from other great non-profits you should check out. Make sure to register here to see ours launch too!

Save our Sharks – Marine Conservation Society

Sharks keep marine life in balance and indicate healthy ecosystems. Half of the 40 species of sharks that visit the UK are under threat and an estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year worldwide. MCS are campaigning for better protection of sharks through supporting the establishment of 41 new Marine conservation zones (MCZ’s) around the UK.

Plymouth Marine Park – Blue Marine Foundation

BLUE recognise that national parks are important to 90% of people; with 30,000km of rich coastal water there is plenty of opportunity to bring a wealth or benefits to deprived coastal communities. In January 2020 Plymouth launched as the UK’s first marine park, entering a two-year development phase where stakeholders will help shape the future of the marine park.

Living seas – Hampshire Wildlife Trust

Tackling plastic pollution, habitat destruction and overfishing, this campaign drives to protect the rich wildlife that is under threat or needs our help. Hampshire Wildlife Trust are taking action on plastic and litter, surveying local wildlife and have been supporting the establishment of marine conservation zones since it began in 2009.

Plastic Pollution – Friends of the Earth

Over 12m tonnes of plastic enter the marine environment every year. With businesses set to churn out more plastic, it is becoming harder than ever to avoid. Friends of the Earth are working on a law to phase out single use plastics now. You can help by signing their petition here

Shark Finning – Shark Trust

Shark finning is the highly unsustainable and wasteful practise of removing fins from sharks and discarding the carcass back into the water. Shark trust is changing this by pushing for sustainably managed fisheries aligned with responsible trade and consumption

Plastic Campaigns – City to Sea

Join a powerful movement tackling single-use plastics and campaigning to prevent plastic pollution at the source. City to Sea believe we can all make a difference by connecting our actions to the sea

Ghost Nets – Sea Shephard UK

640,000 of fishing gear is lost and discarded at sea every year, these ‘ghost nets’ contribute to the second largest source of marine debris in the UK. Sea Shepard launched its ghost net campaign in 2018 focusing on UK waters and this year it is going global.

Virtual Ocean – Ocean Conservation Trust

Experiencing the ocean is not always possible for all. As part of Ocean Conservation Trusts mission to connect people to the sea, a scheme has launched to enable everyone to dive in (virtually) and immerse themselves in the deep blue. By bringing the marine world to cities, hospitals and nursing homes, the scheme deepens people’s sense of connection with the marvellous marine world.

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