Restore kelp beds UK

Kelp arises from the rocky sea floor and grows up towards sunlight to form a canopy of dense macro-algae. Beyond the fronds, you can find cuttlefish, seahorses, crabs, lobsters sea-bream and bass. These habitats offer a safe nursery ground and home for native species to reside in and protect our coasts from erosion and storm damage. Additionally, seaweed increases water quality and acts as a huge carbon sink. It absorbs over 600 million tons of carbon a year globally! Thats faster than the amazon rainforest.

The seaweed once grew naturally in waters stretching all around the coast of the UK, offering ecological and economic services to the natural environment and local fisheries nationwide. However, an increase in commercial fishing, dredging and global warming has since harmed these critical habitats. Kelp forests are declining at an alarming rate. If this loss continues there could be no remaining kelp in the UK by the end of the century. Without kelp forests, we will lose 90% of our marine life, risking an ecological and economic disaster.

But we have hope! Kelp grows fast, so with effective restoration and protection these vital habitats could flourish in our local waters. Bringing back the array of life once seen again. Our project focuses on embedding artificial reefs alongside planting kelp to create ecologically coherent habitats that can support a rich biodiversity of life. We are driven to restore natural habitats and ensure our marine environment is healthy, supports fisheries and delivers the many services that we rely on.

Other Projects

Engaging local communities


Bridging the gap between the ocean and mankind The ocean is a powerful tool to improve our health and connect to nature. We aim to bridge the gap between people, the sea and our future. Encouraging individual involvement and engagement of local communities. Exploring and restoring beaches, reefs and marine life. Let’s inspire a positive…

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Working with ocean ambassadors


Creating partnerships with individuals, companies and organisations. Reef trust care about both the environment and the people who surround it. That’s why our projects will be grounded in scientific evidence and local knowledge to ensure maximum benefit to the reefs and communities. We think it is important to work closely with our partners to share information,…

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Information on ocean health


Inspiring the next generation of environmental pioneers to be future voices of our seas Reef trust will interact with the general public, individuals, nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. It is important to educate and inspire curious minds as well as provide opportunities to develop research and field skills. We want to build a team of…

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Artificial reefs via offshore wind farms

Restore Offshore

Globally, the UK generates the most offshore wind energy and the number of windfarms is only set to rise with the shift to renewables. We want to make the most of our world-leading status by utilising this opportunity to restore degraded ocean habitats. Offshore windfarms submersed in waters around the UK introduce a new habitat…

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Establishing protected areas


We want to expand the UK’s blue belt. Protecting the underwater world is essential for the health of our ocean, planet and species. The best method to protect our seas is to halt ocean degradation before it happens. This can be done by creating marine protected areas (MPA’s) around threatened habitats. Effective management in these areas…

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